RIP Oscar De Larenta

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She was the kind of girlfriend god gives you young, so you’ll know loss for the rest of your life. Junot Diaz (via sea-of-ether)

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My vows are going to be, “I hate almost everything in the world, but you are that one thing that I can kind of tolerate.”

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I wanna do bad things to you, but good things for you. sm0keandfxck (via mylesbworld)

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Q: Can you tell us more about the guy you are seeing?

Well I wouldn’t say that I am seeing him, we are talking/ getting to know each other… but omg he’s so amazing really.
His name is Zachary he lives in CT but is from MA. He’s half italian half Portuguese. He has these big beautiful brown eyes. He’s pretty tall.
We started talking on tinder about 3 weeks ago. I posted a moment about something I cant remember I think my art and he commented and was giving me advice on guys cause usually thats what my art is from. He was going on a date with some girl and I was going through guy “friend” BS and he was giving me crazy good advice. Listening to everything i had to say and he was genuinely interested. Its crazy, usually guys aren’t really interested in crap like that. Especially guys you dont know on a dating app…
Any who he’s such a sweet heart. And he cares very much about what I have to say and how I feel. I’ve never had a guy ask me so many questions and be so genuine about it. We have a lot in common. And he’s a cancer! So he understands my emotional sensitive self… And he’s very close to his family. And very smart. And he’s okay with me being a virgin and abstinent. He really wants to meet me. I think he likes me… I hope he likes me haha
He’s so adorable. I like him a lot. He actually gives me butterflies too…its cool that we actually started off as friends… like for the first 2 weeks I didnt even really consider him as someone to possibly date. Really. Like he gave me really good advice and he was cool to talk to but this past week the mood just flipped and I was like oh! Oh hello there lol
So yeah that’s the guy im talking to in a nut shell…

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About to have my first day off work…

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Q: Italians go hard af!! Like they love black women!! I've been to nj for a summer and I was hounded can't even imagine what it'd be like in italy, have you had any stories to share of experiences with Italians! Literally love your stories

Haha I know! They are black to me. Dead ass. They hold shit down . Especially the women they are nitty gritty haha
I worked with a few italian women and in my school asa child everyone was either Jewish or italian. … so I’ve been around them for a while and I swear they have black souls. (And bodies) the way that the women even carry themselves is similar its weird. (Of course they aren’t black, but they ate the closest things other than Asians)
I don’t have any funny experiences with men, but I have dated a fair amount of Italian men. And yes they do love black women. I think is the strength and independence we share with their women, mostly Sicilians, that they love. 80% of the guys that i date or that approach/interested in me are italian.
There is still racial separation in Italy of course, but ive heard from some friends that when they went there they were approached by the men like they were a piece of steak to a dog lol
There is a difference between American italians and Italy italians too.
This question got me hyped sorry lol I just love me some italian, like I wrote in that post haha. The guy im talking to right now is half italian and even though he isn’t from NY he has that italian swag they seem to be born with.
Aww thanks… im always shocked when you guys tell me that you like reading my stories cause they ate so long and detailed and rambles. .. but I am grateful that toy read them. Do you have any stories?

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