Got kicked out of class for having my phone out on my desk… is this HS or nahh?

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I’ve never slept beside the opposite sex

I need a shoulder to lay my head on. A torso to hold in my arms and a thigh to wrap my legs around….

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First timer

I have my first official photoshoot in like 2 weeks… im so nervous. .. I’ve always avoided these things. I’ve always said no to modeling and being photographed. .. but I’ve finally said yes to a friend only because they are a friend and I respect them… but holy shit im nervous! Im alway and have only been in front of my camera (other than when people stop me on the street or events like afto punk or hatlem week, etc) nothing professional. .. wtf do I do? How do I pose? When im nervous I stiffen, how do I remember to relax! And I have to get 4 outfits together that represent me and my style by friday so that he can see the pallet and mood or “essence” as he calls it… fck now I feel like I dont know what my style is… what do I even like? I wake up in the morning and before I even open my eyes I can see what im going to wear for the day… or I look at the pile of clothes sittinh on my bed and just start piecing togther…fuck do how I style or coordinate outfits… shit im drawing a blank

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You tell a person you abstain from sex and its like you’ve opened the flood gates to one hundred and one question wtf….

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